About us

About Us
Elite Pet Services, LLC                          1175 Middleton Road   Dothan AL  36301                      E-mail:  elitepetservices@yahoo.com           Phone: 334-718-9078

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Welcome to our Website. My name is Denise Parrish. I started Elite Pet Services, LLC in February of 2009, because I just knew there were people out there, like me, who felt they were stuck at home because we had pets. If you have an emergency, who could you call to take care of your babies while you are gone? If you are like me, you do not want to board them in kennels or impose on family members. You probably want someone who will treat them as well as you do and at the same time not stress them out!
We offer personal and professional care for your pets while you are away from home. We take pride in being a professional business--just ask our clients and their humans!!!
When you hire Elite Pet Services, LLC to provide personal care for your pets, you get a state licensed, insured and bonded  business to add to your peace of mind while offering  the best alternative to boarder services and kennels. 
When you use Elite Pet Services, LLC, your pet will be in its familiar and comfortable surroundings and environment. We come to your home for your pet so that makes the situation worry-free and convenient for the owners. No more imposing on your friends and family who may be too busy or in too much of a hurry to care for your furry friends with quality time.